Partners and sponsors of Villedieu Intercom

La Région Normandie et le Département de la Manche cofinancent la boutique dans le cadre du contrat de territoire 2017-2021 qu’ils ont signé avec Villedieu Intercom.


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 Devenir mécène

A deep historical foundation


Nestled in the heart of the Normandy countryside, Villedieu-les-Poêles is a small town of character located at the gateway to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, preserved from the destructions of History. Founded 800 years ago by the Order of Malta, it has built its reputation over the centuries thanks to its know-how in the trades of copperware and foundry and then in lacework. Its prosperity, facilitated by its status as a free city, was based on the work of copper by its master coppersmiths until its golden age in the 18th century.

Atelier Roblin dinanderie cuivre 1900


Renewal and modernity


Despite the Industrial Revolution, this know-how has continued, focusing on companies that have been able to innovate and renew themselves to seduce the luxury and exceptional market, thus acquiring an international reputation. Four of them have already obtained the « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label, making Villedieu Intercom one of the most well-endowed territories in France in this field.

At the same time, many crafts workers have chosen Villedieu and its gentle way of life to setup their workshops there, invarious fields ranging from hat making to ceramics, textiles, upholstery and photography. Thus the territory is now labelled " Ville et Métiersd'Art , the first and only one in the department of Manche.


At the heart of the political project


Since 2016, Villedieu Intercom has made crafts a major focus of its territorial development policy. To this end, the local authority has implemented ambitious and innovative actions in favour of craftsworkers. The Quartier des Métiers d'art was thus created, a system to help set up shops by subletting them, thus responding to the dual problem of revitalising the muted city centre and developing the activity of craftsworkers by obtaining a point of sale.